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5 best document scanning apps1 of 5

  • Adobe Scan

    Adobe Scan

    Adobe just launched its new scanning app as a part of its Adobe Document Cloud platform. The scanning app is powered by Adobe Sensei and uses the company’s advanced picture processing techniques to create a digital copy of your documents. A user just has to point their phone’s camera to anything you want to scan, be it a whiteboard, form, picture, note, invoice and business card to create a digital copy. The scanning app also comes with an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to convert the scanned text into digital editable text. The scanned documents are stored in Adobe Document cloud and hence can be accessed from anywhere.

    Adobe Scan is available both on iOS and Android for Free.

  • Office Lens

    Office Lens

    digitising app. The Office Lens is able to identify the edges of a document, whiteboard or a display and crops out the information from the document by straightening and enhancing the image while also removing any shadows. The app also recognises printed text through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that further makes it editable in the form of Word document or PDF file. A user can also save the scanned digital copy of OneNote, OneDrive and as a PDF or in the gallery as an image file.

    Office Lens is available on Android and iOS for free.

  • CamScanner


    The CamScanner is another popular mobile scanning app that helps users digitise physical documents. The free app, however, lets users access fewer features and OCR recognition isn’t editable. CamScanner has various modes to enhance the scanned image and save it in different formats. For editing the text of the digital copy, however, a user has to purchase the Pro version of the app.

    CamScanner is available on Android and iOS for free but the Pro version costs Rs 130 and Rs 400 respectively.

  • Evernote Scannable

    Evernote Scannable

    From the house of Evernote, Scannable is an iOS-only app that converts any document to its digital render using your smartphone’s camera in a jiffy. The Scannable app scans documents, business cards, notes and other papers and then the user has the option to save the image in a different format or shares it with peers. However, Evernote’s Scannable doesn’t come with an OCR built-in and hence the app doesn’t recognise the text and enables editing.

    Evernote Scannable is available for iOS devices only.

  • FineScanner


    Abbyy FineScanner comes with the ability to scan any printed or hand-written document to create a digital replica of it and save it as an image file of a PDF. The FineScanner can also scan books very quickly and automatically splits the image into two in the case of scanning two pages. The scans from the app automatically remove any shadow and curved lines along with recognising text in 193 languages using its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technique.

    FineScanner is available for free on Android and iOS and a Pro version will set you back by Rs 1,950 and Rs 4,900 respectively.

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