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Game of Thrones Season 7: Breaking Down Episode 51 of 8

  • Aftermath of the attack

    Aftermath of the attack

    Tyrion strolling around the battlefield, contemplating the wrath of dragons is really heartbreaking for him. Having both, being participated and a victim of the battle of Blackwater Bay, this is a person who cares about everyone. He knows the soldiers got burnt because they were fighting for the wrong side.

    Daenerys still stuck at “Bend the Knee or suffer the Dragonfire” asks the same of the Lannister soldiers most of whom do the needful, but not Randyll Tarly. So, the Mother of the Dragons makes an example out of him. Dickon proves to be a real spoiler as he joins his father in the holy fire. And so Dracarys it is.

  • Cersei’s not backing down anyway

    Cersei’s not backing down anyway

    Jamie returns to King’s Landing and warns Cersei of the dangers that lie ahead if she doesn’t back down. He also tells her of Olenna’s confession but she’s way past caring about dead people.

    Later in the episode, she reveals to Jamie that he’ll be fathering a baby soon.

  • Jon’s encounter with Drogon

    Jon’s encounter with Drogon

    Standing watch like always, Jon sees Drogon flying back with Daenerys on its back. But it seems the dragon want’s to be cuddled by Jon as it approaches him, ferocious as ever and a screech that will scare the best of people. Jon touches Drogon in what is his first close encounter with the dragons, but hopefully not the last.

    Ser Jorah returns to serve his Queen and a delighted Daenerys embraces him.

  • The Dead are marching past

    The Dead are marching past

    Army of the dead makes an appearance again, as Bran wargs into the ravens, his 'personal drones' that make him witness the White Walkers marching past, towards Eastwatch. The Night King’s trace once again comes to play as he knows that Bran is controlling these ravens flying over his army.

    Bran asks Maester Wolkan to send ravens to everyone warning everything he saw.

  • The Citadel still doesn’t believe Bran or Sam

    The Citadel still doesn’t believe Bran or Sam

    A raven by Wolkan reaches the Citadel following which Archmaester Ebrose and other maesters discuss the issue. Sam intercedes and establishes Bran’s credibility, but also urges everyone present to take some action regarding these warnings. Ebrose promises that he will but only upon confirming some facts with Wolkan.

    Frustrated with the Citadel’s approach, Sam steals some scrolls and books from the restricted section and leaves with Gilly and the place in the dead of night.

  • The plan to capture a living White Walker specimen

    The plan to capture a living White Walker specimen

    Jon receives Bran’s raven who before this was dead to him and so was Arya. Jon requests Daenerys to fight alongside but she denies releasing Cersei might take up everything they’ve earned so far. Thankfully, in Jon’s case, Daenerys doesn’t seem to continue her cribbing that he bends his knee. Not after the moment between Jon and Drogon.

    Tyrion comes with a plan that he thinks will spill a lot less blood and everyone can go home happily, eventually. He asks Jon to brings a live specimen of the White Walker to King’s Landing where everyone, including Cersei, can witness the danger that’s coming for them. He thinks he can persuade Jamie, who is the only one to convince Cersei for this meetup.

    He and Davos visit King’s Landing where Tyrion meets with Jamie and tells him about the plan.

  • Gendry is back… with a hammer

    Gendry is back… with a hammer

    As Tyrion meets Jamie, Davos goes for a walk in Flea Bottom where he finally finds Gendry and asks him to join his crusade, which he does. Davos takes him to meet Jon in the Dragonglass cave where they get talking about their fathers.

  • Jon and Co. set sail for Eastwatch

    Jon and Co. set sail for Eastwatch

    Jon along with Davos and Gendry arrive at Eastwatch where Tormund has set camp. Jon tells his plan to him, listening to which, Tormund gets pissed when he realises that Jon seriously wants to head back to the other side of the wall.

    Tormund also takes them to the cells where good ‘ol Brotherhood without Banners are being held. Jon recognises The Hound when Beric tells everyone they don’t want to go beyond the wall but have to because their Lord told them to. And that’s how BWB and Jon & Co. join hands to go beyond the wall. A great team up indeed, until some of them become Wights!

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