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About Us

Welcome to Gizmodo India, the Indian edition of Gizmodo - the go-to authority for gadget news and digital culture.
The India website that will bring to you all the hottest & latest technology news, gadget reviews, unveilings, rumours from India and around the world—in a fair, unbiased way.
There’ll be a lot more on offer!

· Easy to read, easy to understand feature stories and write-ups minus jargons.
· Insightful, precise features that bring forth tech toys’ hidden attributes and help you make the most of them.
· Unbiased advice on which gadgets are worth your money and time.

About Gizmodo:
Gizmodo is part of Gawker Media, which also has other notable brands such as Deadspin, Lifehacker, io9, Kotaku and Jezebel. Gizmodo India would be completely run by Times Internet Limited (TIL), India's number 1 Internet network since 2011. Under the TIL network readers get everything from news, to information, to entertainment.
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