Check out the official aftermovie of Gizmodo Soundtrack: Deep Space: 51 Years of Star Trek
Last month, we did the second edition of Gizmodo Soundtrack in Delhi celebrating the 51st anniversary of Star Trek , a sci-fi series we believe has spawned generations of innovations in technology. Deep Space: 51 years of Star Trek was a banger of a party with experimental genre-free act Else If and Strange Movement's debut act in Delhi. And Star Trek was the heart and soul of it.

But at the core of the party was a device from a company just as iconic. The Nokia 8 . We used HMD Global's most powerful Android phone to shoot the event, more precisely, we took bothies to show both parts of the story. The music and our reaction to it.

We even live streamed the acts with the Nokia 8 using its dual camera with Carl Zeiss optics and Ozo audio made quite a difference in the sound output. Also, with the option to live stream on Facebook and YouTube straight from the camera app ensured the video quality was kickass.

Check out the official aftermovie of Deep Space: 51 Years of Star Trek out here.