EyeMyth Day 5: Beyond Reality
Pop Cult
Day 5 began with the participants at the AR workshop finally narrowing down their concepts and polishing them to a state where they can be pitched. The teams spent the last five days learning AR storytelling and exploring what works in the medium. The working prototypes were then put on display at the AR Space at ISDI on August 20th.

The five projects that were on display covered varied themes, from climate to brain activity.

Bombay Local: AR board game

Bombay Dying: Visualising global warming through a personal narrative

Street Wall named Desire: Personified wall to convince passer-by’s not to urinate or spit.

Beyond the Binary: Immersive cabinet on raising awareness on the transgender community

White as grey matter: Visualisation of brain activity in a stressed or calm state

The final products were introduced to the public as part of the futures conference.

Over at the Virtual Reality workshop, the six projects that were prototyped covered an equally diverse range of subjects, Vikram and Betaal VR reinterprets the much-loved ancient fables for a contemporary millennial audience.

Beyond Books is a call-to-action for teachers to inspire students rather than focusing on rote learning.

Resistance is Futile sensitises young Indians to the very real problem of antibiotic over-prescription leading to drug-resistant viruses that could wipe out an entire generation of young Indians unless we change our habits.

Breathe... While You Still Can traces the air pollutants that are choking Indian towns and cities, leading to respiratory conditions and diseased organs, to the coal-fired power plants that cause them.

Dekho uses WebVR to unite geo-dislocated families, allowing elderly or disabled people to virtually join other family members as they travel on holiday or on pilgrimage.

Bambaiyer VR preserves the cultural heritage of the diverse communities that have contributed to Mumbai's unique cultural mix, allowing us to navigate the city and enter buildings and meet the Parsis, Muslims, British and Kolis who have each left their mark on this extraordinary city.

These projects are now ready for a pitch to potential funders who will take it to completion and the projects will be showcased at a future EyeMyth event before travelling the world.

EyeMyth concluded the festival at ISDI with an evening of speculation around immersive media for India, with a lineup of Indian and international artists, designers and technologists. The showcase presented illustrations of modern technologies that are innovating across the genres of art, culture and story-telling, while being rooted in genuine expression.

How do new media and digital technology influence the way we perceive our reality and its temporal notions of past, present and future? This question can be reversed: How can perceptions of time influence our imagination of emerging technology?

In an analogous reversal — what is then, the position of art - our tool to mediate reality — in a world that's mediated by technology? How does new and pervasive technology allow us to dislocate artistic expression and practice? How will it change the way we perceive our world, identity and cultural practices? How can these technologies disrupt or replace traditional cultural tropes?

EyeMyth asks these questions with curiosity and fascination, while our collaborators answer these with speculation and wonder.