Gucci’s new ad has a Godzilla, a bunch of silver men and spaceships from the ’60s
For Gucci's Fall 2017 collection, the brand's creative director Alessandro Michele takes us back to the world of ' 60s, in his latest advert film, full of colossal cats, a writhing brain, and metallic space ships run by hippies.

The latest collection is trippier than ever before, with wild prints, sequinned stripes, and exploding colours, all next to each other. It is no wonder that Michele adopted a series psychedelic, funk, comic styled imagery to bring out the crazy in his clothes, set to some loud go-go music.

The video opens with an obvious Star Trek credited credit roll, and jumps into a ton of Gucci cladded mortals emerging within the apparent insides of a space ship, headquartered somewhere in 1962. The robes are resplendent with bright motifs, shiny borders stitched against bright red, and pink colours. Obviously then, it is critical for these to be worn by a silver man, who walks straight into the camera, in a very zombie like swag.

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The poppy music explodes into the film with the bronzed models wearing embellished Gucci shades, even as the space ship shakes vehemently to the music. The giant aliens with sparkly eyeballs, and terrorised humans running to catch the last shuttle out of the earth, even as cows moo lazily over the shoulders, all of them make us feel a part of a extraordinary world, with pink lights and golden nails. A fantastical imagery, only a brand of its stature can create in our minds, through their clothes. Our absolute favourite is the part where towards the end, the Gucci clad alien shows off its roar, and the stunning robe dress, walking over a dusty, country road.


We love the science fiction motifs from late ' 50s and early ' 60s around the collection, which highlight the latest more-on-more fashion. There is a lot going in the collection - wild pattern mixing, over the top embroidery, glittery metallic fabrics, and retro-futurist cultural references, and what better way to show these, than even crazier imagery around pop culture inspired outer space backgrounds. Clearly discarding the minimalist trend, Gucci and Michele have gotten wildly adventurous in this video, just like their latest collection.

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