Lorde puts on a solo fashion show for her latest single “Perfect Places”
She just keeps getting better. The 19 year-old singer, has dropped her second single from her June album " Melodrama", and it is nothing less than a couture fashion explosion, mixed with yet another great Lorde styled track.

Directed by Grant Singer, the video follows the talented pop queen on a solo adventure, amidst fantastic, and curiously desolate locales - much like the song's title " Perfect Places." While the lyrics may champion youthful debauchery - " Every night, I live and die / Meet somebody, take ' em home", Lourde is clearly more fond of her solo voyages, when compared to frivolous play dates.

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The video starts with the singer staring down the camera, dressed in a brimmed, straw field hat, over a white work suit, and explodes with a lonesome, yet exuberant dancing against a dim light bulb towards the end. In between shots of her exotic outfits and alone tea parties, she even invites her audiences to check out a few hidden easter eggs, when she tweeted, " a couple cute easter eggs in this video let's see if you spot them". ( The task at hand has met with a number of cheeky tweets in return, from fans all over)

Australian born, Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor ( more popularly known by her stage name, Lorde) gained international fame with the 2013 hit single " Royale". Melodrama happens to be her second album, which is to be followed a worldwide tour by the artist over second half of 2017 and early 2018.


The video comes as a complete overhaul of Lorde's usual self expression, full of black clothes and goth makeup. In her latest video, she isn't just notorious, she is also glamorous, sensuous and total runway material. Interestingly, she is immensely successful in adding a Lorde'ish spin to each of her 9 outfits. Take for instance the deep red dress, with oversized lapels, the ends dragging into the beach sand. Or the champagne coloured dress, customised with a tulle bottom. Or even the fierce linen pants combination, softened with a periwinkle corset. She seems to be on a roll, for sure.

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