The final lineup of Wonderflip is finally out!
If you were still having second thoughts about going to the debut edition of the Wonderflip festival in Udaipur, the final lineup is sure to seal the deal. The second and final lineup was announced today with some big names from across the world.

The highlight is clearly dOP, the trio of insanely talented French musicians known for their unique interpretation of electronic music. Comprised of childhood friends, Damien Vandesande, Clement Aichelbaum and Jonathan Illel, dOP believes in making electronic music organically - using classical instruments and vocals. The use of percussion, woodwind instruments and honey coated vocals is going to immerse you into the circus vibe of the festival.

Following up the act will be Vaal, the electronic music producer who mostly maintains a shadowy existence in the deepest realms of electronica. People call her music a techno anomaly. Infused with melancholic and macabre vibes, Vaal will dish out an emotive act full of spine-tingling melodies and morose atmospherics.

To lift the mood up, deep house DJs Aeden and Kimou will belt out their deep, futuristic grooves while Delhi-based Hamza will set the wheels in motion with Manu Idhra alongside Rajasthani folk musicians.

Adding fuel to the fire, Delhi-based SHFT and co-founder of Jalebee cartel, Calm Chor will bring their own ammunition of techno music.

Elsewhere at The Marquee, The Fanculos will dish out high energy SKA, dub and Reggae music while Hari & Sukhmani will mesmerise with their curiously contemporary take on traditional folk music from Punjab.

There's also Clown with a Frown, a pop/funk rock outfit from Bangalore who aim to revolutionise dance music by bringing back sounds from the 70s disco era. They will be joined by Chizai Quarter, an experimental band who are more of group of friends that came together to cheer the spirit of life and good vibes. And finally, Komorebi, aka Tarana Marwah will add to the ambient dream of the festival with her rigorous and eccentric beats.

But that's not all. Wonderflip is more of a circus alongside a music festival and to add to the circus vibes, there will be ballerinas and fairies, fire eaters and fire dancers, magicians and illusionists and more.

So what are you waiting for? Get the tickets already!