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Thor Ragnarok review: Rocking all the way to Ragnarok!1 of 6

  • No Jane foster, no problem

    No Jane foster, no problem

    Okay, it’s not that Natalie Portman was bad as Jane Foster, who is Thor’s love interest from the comics. The unclear romantic plot between the two characters was a major part of the films and was probably used to showcase the star powers of Hemsworth and Portman.

    Since Ragnarok takes place off Earth and Portman seemingly being no longer associated with MCU, it looks like we won’t be seeing much of the Jane Foster and Thor romance anymore. The film even takes a pot shot at this, by Thor jokingly telling Loki that they mutually broke up. Moreover, with the introduction of the Valkyrie played by Tessa Thompson could possible new love interest for the God of Thunder.

  • Chris Hemsworth: Kicks Ass!

    Chris Hemsworth: Kicks Ass!

    It’s safe to say that Chris Hemsworth has been one of the most underused and underrated actors in the MCU. Ragnarok, however, gives him the best content to exhibit his acting chops and delivery a more entertaining performance and build on his previous outings. Right from his quirky one-liners, bromance with on-screen brother Tom Hiddleston (Loki), his friendly rivalry with Hulk and yes, all those great action sequences. Hemsworth kills it all the way. We look forward to this continuing in the upcoming Infinity War.

  • Thumbs up for Taika Waititi

    Thumbs up for Taika Waititi

    Taiki Waititi’s direction is what makes the third instalment stand apart from its predecessors.

    The director’s fresh take on the story and characters is what gives the movie the edge. The movie is nicely glazed with humour all throughout in spite the Goddess of death, Hela lurking around to kill everyone. The unconventional gags and last minute improvs make Thor: Ragnarok, unlike any other MCU movie.

    This new comic trend seems to be working well as seen before in smash hits like Guardians of the Galaxy, Antman and even Deadpool for that matter.

  • HULK Smaaaash!

    HULK Smaaaash!

    Whenever we see the Hulk in a Marvel movie, we are almost certain that sh*t is about to go down and this pretty much continues with Ragnorok. While The Hulk isn’t in the movie as much you would expect him to be, the character’s appearance as both The Hulk and his alter ego, Bruce Banner makes for some of the most hilarious moments of the film.

    The movie pays a much-deserved homage to the love-hate relationship between the big guy and the Mighty Thor from the comics such as avid readers would definitely remember classics such as Planter Hulk after watching this one.

    This movie has to be enough for Marvel to finally kick-start talks of a solo Hulk film hopefully.

  • That Supporting Cast Though

    That Supporting Cast Though

    One has to give credit to the MCU for some of the best ensemble casts and Thor: Ragnarok does not disappoint one bit in that aspect. A special mention to Korg who comes to Thor’s aid at Sakaar. Voiced by Waititi himself in his native Kiwi accent, Korg’s awesome one-liners and almost innocent sense of humour is truly a delight to watch.

    Other members of the cast are an absolute joy as well and have been used smartly, throwing a lot of delicious Easter eggs as well.

    Cate Blanchett is quite the convincing baddie as the Goddess of Death, Hela, Jeff Goldblum as Grandmaster seems to have the time of his life. A big shout out to Tessa Thompson as well who owns her role as a fallen Valkyrie and is a total bada**.

    Ohh and yes, we even have Matt Damon so make sure to look out for him.

    Finally, the best cameo in the film goes to Benedict Cumberbatch's brief appearance as Doctor Strange who even gives a nod to Sherlock (Don’t miss it!)

  • Final Verdict

    Final Verdict

    Ragnarok is a delight for moviegoers who seek perfection and visual treats. Compared to the much greyer in tone, Ragnarok is by far the most visually appealing films in the franchise right from sets, costumes and visual effects. This particularly aids the story to showcase the beautiful expanse of Asgard or the ruins Sakaar.

    The visuals are boosted by beautiful compositions and perfectly used soundtracks by Devo frontman Mark Mothersbaugh.

    Imagine, Thor and company battling Hela and her army of the dead on the Bifrost Bridge as Led Zeppelin's immigrant song play in the background!

    Thor: Ragnarok is already making millions at the box office and is one of the most critically loved films by the MCU, which only shows that with the right treatment and sharp direction, Marvel has found a way to reinvent itself and the Thor franchise.

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