BlackBerry's Rumored A10 Is a Departure, At Least

Adam Clark Estes, Gawker Media

While me and you and everyone we know weren't paying attention, BlackBerry invented a nice big shiny new phone, the A10. It's definitely different! And at this point, that might be just what BlackBerry needs.

There aren't many details available from the video other than that the A10 is a decidedly bigger phone than the Z10; for specs, we have to look to a previous report that indicated a 5-inch, 720p display. That's not great for a flagship these days, but if BlackBerry can make the A10 affordable and powerful under the hood, it's still at least got a shot to get some notice. At least, one hopes so. The company may only have so many rounds of ammo left. [Verge]

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