GlassUp is a Cheaper Google Glass That Doesn’t Make You Look Sideways
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Google Glass is still a long way away and the projected price of $1,500 (Rs. 90,000 approx) may be a bit too steep for many. But there is an alternative out there for 1/10th the price, and it doesn't even require you to look sideways to see the messages.

Meet GlassUp, a new startup that is looking to raise $150,000 (Rs. 90 lac approx) through a campaign on Indiegogo. GlassUp can show you maps while driving, recipes while cooking and even translate foreign languages.

GlassUp is like Google Glass in most ways, except it's a "receive-only" device - this means you won't be able to record videos or capture any information. It will only show info from your Android or iOS smartphone, with which it pairs via Bluetooth.

GlassUp is made up of four elements: the frame, the optical system, a touch-pad and electronic circuit. The optical system sends the message from the circuit to the eye of the user, and allows him to see the status towards the centre-bottom of his vision - so if you're talking to another person, it would probably appear on their tie.

The technology actually makes a conscious effort to not mess with your vision. All the messages have a transparent background so your vision isn't blocked in any way. And they are monochromatic, using only green - so you won't be able to see rich photos with GlassUp. Of course, devs can use shades of green to create complex figures, like road signs or directions.

Currently, it can be operated only with the touchpad - there's no voice control on it. But future versions might incorporate elements like voice control as well as a camera to capture what you're seeing.

The whole thing weighs about 65 grams and lasts a day on a full charge of its rechargeable battery.

The pre-sale price for a pair of GlassUp is $199 (Rs. 12,000 approx) on Indiegogo..

GlassUp | IndieGogo Project