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Wear the Kite Patch and You Will Be Invisible to Mosquitoes

The next time you're camping outdoors, or just sitting at home and being mercilessly bitten by mosquitoes, how awesome would it be if you could turn invisible to the little pests? A new wearable patch called Kite Patch promises to do that.

Kite is small, light, durable and non-toxic -- and comes in a variety of cool colours so it doesn't look dorky. Scientists discovered that the way mosquitoes track humans is by smelling the carbon dioxide our body generates. The Kite Patch has non-toxic compounds that act as a non-topical, spatial repellent. This means the mosquitoes can't detect the carbon dioxide, virtually turning the human body invisible!

A child dies of malaria every minute in some part of the world. Mosquito-borne diseases are a major hazard in countries like India and Uganda.

"Current devices are ineffective, cumbersome or even toxic to people who use them," says Grey Frandsen, co-founder of Kite Patch.

Wearing one Kite Patch provides you protection from mosquitoes for up to 48 hours.

The project is looking for funding through an Indiegogo project. And there's a philanthropic side to it, where if you want to order some Kite Patches for yourself, you'll have to send a few to those in need in countries in Africa. So if you want a pack of 10 Kite Patches, you also have to send 10 patches, and the whole thing will cost you $35 (Rs. 2,000 approximately).

The makers estimate that the Kite Patches will be available in 10-14 months in most countries.

Learn more on the Indiegogo campaign for Kite Patch or their official website.

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