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LG's New Mid-Range Handsets Try to Do One Thing Well

LG's New Mid-Range Handsets Try to Do One Thing Well
LG's New Mid-Range Handsets Try to Do One Thing Well

LG's next flagship phone will be under wraps until next week , but if you're in the market for something a little cheaper, LG has a few new things for your consideration.

The X screen and X cam are a new pair of mid-range handsets which will officially be debuted at Mobile World Congress next week. For the most part, they're standard cheapish Android fodder: 2GB of RAM, no-name 1.2GHz processor, 16GB storage, LTE, and a glass-fiber body.

The standout feature is different on each, and you don't have to work hard to guess where the differences lie. The X cam puts dual cameras (13MP/5MP) on the rear; if it works anything like other dual-camera systems, it could lead to better zoom, or superior low-light capability.

The X screen is more intruiging: it sticks a second, always-on display above the main 4.9-inch screen, used for displaying the status bar when the phone's in standby, or to make multitasking better when you're actively using the main display.

Neither feature is exactly revolutionary, but putting marquee hardware on a mid-range phone might be a winner. Most mid-range Android handsets focus on doing basic things well, but at the cost of being boring as hell. Price and release date for both phones are still to be determined, but if they fall in line with the rest of the market, LG could be onto something.


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