Iphone 5

The Weirdest Thing People Hate About the iPhone 5

Brian Barrett, Gawker Media

The Weirdest Thing People Hate About the iPhone 5There are many issues one can reasonably have with the iPhone 5. That overpriced dock connector. An inexcusably bad Maps app. Even the fact that it's a little, well, boring. But there's no way Apple could've anticipated this particular backlash:

That's right. Just two days in, and iPhone 5 buyers have already decided that its key engineering triumph—it's not nearly as heavy as it looks—is, in fact, a major flaw. Maybe they don't realize that you have to actively try to break it with a drop. Or that long-term, less pocket weight is a blessing, not a curse. Or who knows? Maybe the lightness of being really is unbearable after all.

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