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Apple iOS 11
Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2017 saw a host of announcements by the Cupertino giant, both consumer specific as well as developer-specific. There was the macOS, the iOS, the iMac’s, the MacBooks, Augmented Reality, HomePod and it’s evident that we just got an overview of the products and services Apple introduced.

As such, at one point in the keynote, Craig Federighi, Apple’s SVP gave everyone a glimpse of the new features in the iOS 11 and displayed a slide with the names of many more features than what he demoed during the presentation. Here are some of the features from the iOS 11 that didn’t make it into the presentation but we should be excited about.

12 unsung features of iOS 11

2/212 unsung features of iOS 11
12 unsung features of iOS 11
Type to Siri Accessibility
Siri is a voice assistant but users had been asking for another way to interact with the witty AI through text-based input. Seems Apple has heard you guys as the company has included the ability to interact with Siri through typing.

3D Touch for Lookup
With Apple iOS 11, one can now 3D Touch a word to LookUp to search the dictionary or get suggestions from iTunes or App Store.

Password Autofill for apps
The password autofill for apps feature might just use your fingerprint as an authentication instead of a password. Alternatively, it might be based on a data previously saved by you just like in Google Chrome.

Screenshot and Markup
This was demoed during the iPad Pro presentation as it is a key feature in the iOS for iPad. Apple is also bringing the feature to the iPhones it seems which will allow a user to mark things up in a screenshot or edit it to share quickly.

QR Code Support
QR Codes are a big deal in many parts of the world and until now, Apple users had to rely on third-party apps to scan a QR code. With iOS 11, Apple has baked in the QR Code scanning capability in the camera system thereby removing the need to scan using another app.

NFC reader mode
Apple has brought in NFC tags reading capabilities to the iPhone through their latest iOS 11. Apple’s iPhones will now be able to read NFC tags and read messages that contain NDEF data.

Screen Recording
Apple has also introduced screen recording in iOS 11 which will essentially allow users to record their iPhones screen. This will comes in handy for all those tutorials and app developments.

Share URL’s with 3D Touch in Messages
We believe this feature has a lot in common with the drag and drop URL feature shown during the iPad Pro demo. Users will be able to 3D Touch a URL to share it in the Messages app.

SOS on iPhone
This feature in iOS 11, we believe, will allow users to input emergency contacts which then could be contacted during distress.

Redesigned Podcasts app
Apple has redesigned the App Store in iOS 11 and it is also bringing in a revamped Podcasts app.

One-handed Keyboard
Apple in iOS 11 has allowed users to use the one-handed keyboard which could minimise the keyboard to be used single-handedly as seen in GBoard.

Wi-Fi Password sharing
Users will now be able to share the Wi-Fi passwords in iOS 11, something that not even Android can boast of.