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5 reasons why the 3310 was Nokia's most loved phone1 of 6

  • 5 reasons why the 3310 was Nokia's most loved phone

    5 reasons why the 3310 was Nokia's most loved phone

    The year 2000 was special for many reasons. There was talk of an ancient prophecy which spelt doom for our planet, the Y2K bug taught many computer programmers to hilariously count past 1999 and Nokia, released the 3310, arguably the best phone in its line-up.

    The 3310 was special to me, as it was to a lot of 90’s kids growing up, for many it was their first smartphone, a vision of the rapidly approaching future. I still remember my dad handing me the present on my birthday, the bright, light-blue box which had the numbers 3310 up front and in your face. Inside was what could be best described as an egg crate like foam, which held the phone, battery and the thin pin charger.

    There were a couple of colour options at launch but it seemed like nobody kept anything other than the navy blue and the grey in stock and so it was, the compact grey phone became an important part of my life growing up.

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  • The 3310 was a tank

    The 3310 was a tank

    There is no better way to put it, the 3310 was a freakin tank. I have seen 3310’s crushed under car wheels, dropped from the top floor of a building and No Joke, used as a weapon in a fist fight. This thing was rock solid, no matter what you do to it, it will not stop ticking. Dropped it in water? Grab a bag of rice, put it in for a half hour and BAM! Good as new. It wasn’t all brute force however; the genius was in the design. The outer plastic shell, the keypad and the internals were designed to separate in case of mishap, this reduced the impact of a fall or collision dramatically as the pieces all absorbed the force equally. It was the ultimate T 1000 phone, blast it to pieces and watch as they dramatically reassemble to form a complete whole.

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  • The customisable ringtones

    The customisable ringtones

    Yes, the ringtones were customisable, there was a built-in Nokia composer app that let you play around with a variety of instruments. Heck! There were even special promotions back in the day with artists who would tease a new song via the composer, the special composer notation would be made available in newspapers for users to tinker with. It was one of the first phones, you could create rudimentary music with, long before I knew of Fruity Loops and Sonar, Nokia composer was my jam.

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  • The tough as nails keypad

    The tough as nails keypad

    I still remember twisting the silicone keypad around like a pretzel, only to watch in awe as it retained its shape. Typing on the keypad took some getting used to at first but once you pass that initial hurdle, this was one of the fastest keypads around. The loud clickety clacks of the keypad have served as ambience to many a long conversation. They were durable enough to withstand hours of use and even if the plastic buttons on top withered away, the keypad underneath was still recognizing inputs.

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  • The always on LCD

    The always on LCD

    Long before E-Ink displays and brightness sliders on smartphones was the tiny LCD on the 3310, it was perfectly legible under sunlight, had no brightness settings to mess around with and was on all the time. Take the phone out of your pocket, and there it was showing you the time, signal strength and battery.

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  • The insane battery life

    The insane battery life

    It was possible to use the 3310 for almost an entire week on a single charge. Let that sink in for a minute, a freakin week! When was the last time you had a phone that lasted you through a day of heavy use? 3310 was owning noobs back then when it came to battery life. The charger became an icon in itself, simply because people used it so little that they always ended up keeping it somewhere they couldn’t find it, the charger seemed to vanish to realms beyond on a swashbuckling adventure, only to be plucked from thin air as it was about to save some princess, granted there were more than a little “Thin-pin” jokes going around but whenever you heard “Bhai! Thin-pin charger hain kya?” you would instantly chuckle at the misfortune of someone turning his home upside down looking for the fabled “Thin-pin”.

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