6 Crazy Beauty Gadgets You Must Not Miss
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Asia, especially the Far East Asia, is very gung-ho about its beauty products and routine. In fact, South Korea is way ahead than most of the western countries when it comes to beauty products and certain cosmetic surgery treatments. It is very much the beauty capital of the world.

When you combine this beauty craze with A-class innovations and technologies that some of these countries like Japan are known for, you get the most bizarre and somewhat amazing beauty gadgets that you never thought existed. Take a look.

1. Face slimmer
Here is something that you place in your mouth for three minutes and make as many funny faces as possible. It is made of silicone and comes with a set of plump lips that sit on your mouth while the springs attached to them go inside and work their magic on your face muscles. And during that time, you are advised to say out loud all the vowels and keep twisting your face for three minutes. Daily use and exercise will have the slimming and toning effect on your cheeks and your face will appear slimmer. The best part is you can do it anytime, anywhere, while working on the computer, watching TV, playing with your pet, and so on.

This makes sense since we work out all other muscles of our body to remain fit. Therefore, why shouldn’t we do the same with our face? It is retailed in Japan and costs around Rs 5,000.

2. Nose straightener
Another Japanese beauty gadget to sharpen another one of your facial features – the nose. You are supposed to clip it onto your nostrils every day for about 20 minutes. The pressure and the positioning it applies on your nose will help balance and push up the bones and contours of your nose, so that it has an overall sharper, straighter shape, less round and more graceful. Made of silicone and polypropylene, it has two small protrusions that are to be inserted in your nostrils. Next to them are two clip-on-like mechanisms that are placed on either side (on the outside) of your nose to apply pressure.

It seems a little painful, but beauty comes with some compromise and a price, which is about Rs 2,800 in Indian currency.

3. Beauty voice trainer
Don’t you like the sound of your voice? Worry not. Here is one gadget that again works by going inside your mouth and giving you that sweet voice you’ve always desired. What’s more, you only need to use it for five minutes a day. Beauty voice trainer helps open the voice passage, which in normal position and without training, is rather restricted. The special design causes the repositioning of the tongue and hence, in a way, forces the user to breathe with the diaphragm. A complementary small metal tuning fork can be used to learn how to produce sounds at a certain pitch. It costs about Rs 3,500 and comes in two colors.

4. Houreisen face exercise mask
Age lines bringing you down? This face exercise mask targets lines and wrinkle around the cheeks and the mouth, especially the laugh lines and the sagging skin. Wearing it for 10 minutes a day will smoothen the overall firmness of the cheeks. As it takes only 10 minutes a day, go about your household chores, call a friend, answer a few e-mail messages or simply spend some time with your kids after pulling the straps. I’m sure your kids will be amused and may later want to borrow it to use as a part of their superhero costume as it comes in fiery colors like red and yellow, and goes all the way around you face and back to pull back the lines and the muscles.

Say hello to a younger looking you for less than Rs 5,500.

5. Beauty magnets: One-day face magic
These are tiny magnets that come attached to sticky pads. Pluck them out and place them one by one all over your face. Let the magnets sit on your face for up to an hour and wait for them to improve your skin tone. The magnets are said to increase the blood circulation to the region. The concept is based on the fact that your skin needs to breathe to look young and vibrant, which essentially means it needs more oxygen. The oxygen in your body is carried by blood to various organs. Due to gravity, your face doesn’t get a fair portion of its blood oxygen and hence, these magnets are used. They claim to bring up the blood circulation to your face and make you appear magically rejuvenated.

In my opinion, the same results can be achieved by just lying down on your bed and letting your head fall downwards from the edge for 5-10 minutes. Otherwise, learn to do a headstand. That is low maintenance and good for your health.

6. Dermaroller
A tiny gadget that claims to significantly improve the quality of your skin by reducing the size of your pores, correcting transitional acne, removing the grey scales prevalent in ageing skin, softening skin, and encouraging new skin cell development. That’s a lot of promise from a product that is nothing more than a long stick attached to a small wheel. The wheel is covered in pins that you are supposed to roll over your skin. And when you do that, the small pins attached to the surface of the wheel actually penetrate your skin. This simple process is supposed to increase the blood flow to the skin in your face, quite similar to the concept explained above.

Unlike all other gadgets, this one will cause very obvious pain since you are rolling pins all over your face that will penetrate the superficial layer of your skin. That is definitely a price to pay for beauty. But the good part is, many claim to have seen the change in the quality of their skin.
(Image: theskiny.com)