6 GIFs that show the future is already here
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Ever since the invention of the computer, technology grew at an exponential rate. Science fiction books and movies set fire to our imagination in the late 90s and by the early 21st century, things we never imagined would be possible has come true, all because of the way technology progressed. It's a known fact that the first computer took up an entire room, but in a matter of just 20 years, Apple and Microsoft were able to shrink it down to the size of your study table.

Here are 6 GIFs that proves how far we have progressed since then:

Check out this Lego robot that can solve a Rubik's Cube in just 5 seconds. Crazy right?

Source: Reddit

Bored in class? Take doodling to the next level with this 3D doodling pen

Source: the3doodler

Forget annoying Uber drivers, let a computer take you to your destination with Google self-driving cars

Source: pakwheels

License to be lazy! This dustbin will catch all the trash you throw at it!

Source: the-digital-reader

No more communication barrier. Just point your camera at a foreign text and see it translated!

Source: imgur

Control your computer and other devices using just gestures. May the force be with you!

Source: bestbookreaders