6 Serious Grooming Mistakes Men Make
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A man's attractiveness is rated by numerous big and little factors. Grooming is one such factor of the most important factors and sadly many seem to forget or ignore this. Most importantly, a badly groomed person is an immediate turn-off. Learning how to groom properly is the first step towards improving your attractiveness. Here are the normal grooming mistakes most men make and how to fix them.

1. Shaving the wrong way
It has been reported over and over that we have hit the 'peak beard'. That is when people are confronted by a succession of bearded men, clean-shaven men become more attractive to them. So it's time to say 'quit' to your winter beard. The major mistake men make when it comes to shaving is improper use and care of shavers. This will result in a shaving experience that is unpleasant, that will also cause rashes and burns on skin. The best solution is to use a washable shaver such as Aquashave by Syska for shaving needs, as the easy to use and clean shaver gives you an overall better shaving experience worry free.

2. Unkempt Beard
If you are someone insistent on keeping a beard, then regular trimming is the right way to do it. An unkempt dirty beard is not only bad for your health but also a big turn off for everyone who comes across you. Use specialised beard trimmer such as Ultratrim to keep your beard clean and sharp.

3. Overgrown nose and ear hairs
Imagine the face of your favourite actor and add some overgrown nose and ear hairs to his face. Does he still look handsome? There is a reason why we see negative and disgusting characters in movies, like Golem from Lord of the Rings, often given overgrown nose and ear hairs. The best way to keep your nose and ear hair checked are to use specialized trimmers, such as the UltraTrim trimmers from Syska.

4. Bald patches
For many men balding is a war that cannot be won, especially because of the genetic factors in play over which we have no control. However, don't despair. It is said that 'if you can't beat them, join them', and the best way to deal with balding is to embrace it. Trim or shave off those miserable looking hair patches and put a smile on your face. People will appreciate you for your boldness and will definitely get you extra points for manliness and confidence. Make sure to use trimmers with good quality components like a titanium and ceramic blade found in Syska Ultraclip trimmers . After all it is trimming your head we are talking about.

5. Overgrown Body Hair
Just recollect how many times overgrown body hair has become the subject of a joke in your favourite sitcom? Whether you are on a beach or on a date, overgrown chest, back and neck hairs are considered extremely unattractive. And don't get me started on the importance of 'manscaping'.

6. Using Inferior Products
Personal grooming is not one of the areas you want to cheap out on. You have to keep in mind that these are products and gadgets that you are going to use it on your face and body on regular basis. And a bad reaction such as a trimmer-burn is the last thing you want to have on your face. On the bright side, you can actually buy quality grooming devices such as trimmers and shavers from top brand such as Syska for a very affordable price.

With more and more advancement in personal grooming devices, it is important that you choose ones with quality and reliability. Syska Personal Care offers a wide range of specialised trimmers and shavers for all the above grooming challenges.

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