7 Reasons To Buy Apple iPhone 7 Over An Explosive Android Device
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If you’re not living in Siberia, you probably know that Apple’s hallowed new smartphone has arrived. Not only in the United States, but also here in India. And it does cost a kidney. It starts at freaking Rs 60,000 for the base 32GB model which is insane considering I can probably do a budget Euro trip for two weeks in that amount or a little more. Trust me I have managed to do that. Nonetheless, still I believe that the new iPhone 7 is the best smartphone in the world. And it is worth the money and if you can afford to spend that much of cash, then you should end up doing so because in the long run this would be the better phone and perhaps it would also be cheaper. So here I go on my ungodly rant arguing a case for an incredibly expensive lifestyle gadget.

The iPhone 7 will last you longer than an Android
Yeah, yeah, you can argue that the Samsung Galaxy has this and that and it costs a good deal lesser, but here’s the deal, Android phones don’t last as long as an iPhone. Just look around. Most people who are using iPhones are on some of the old ones and they are perfectly happy using their iPhones. You don’t see that often when it is a case of an Android phone because the performance of an Android phone plummets at an alarmingly fast pace. You may buy a Samsung Galaxy today and probably you will be buying another one the same time next year. If you buy an iPhone today, you will be using that one only the same time next year. That also means, you’re probably spending fewer bucks. In the long run that is.

Get the iPhone if you want the fastest phone in the world
It is a well-documented fact, but iPhones are generally the fastest phones on the planet. Before the iPhone 7 was launched, the iPhone 6S pretty much ran circles around the latest Android phones including the delightful OnePlus 3 and the Galaxy S7. There is a video on YouTube which shows that the iPhone 7 laps the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in a set of benchmark tests. With the new processor and improvements to the GPU, the iPhone 7 is the fastest smartphone in the world and it is the best place to play games.

It doesn’t explode
That’s a not so obvious jibe at Samsung’s issues with the explosive battery on the Galaxy Note 7 which was killed off by the company yesterday. However, here’s the thing. Android phones have always been prone to overheating issues and the latest Samsung fiasco is basically a culmination of what these overheating issues can explode into. Apple’s phones on the other hand have never faced such issues. Yes, there has been the odd case of the iPhone exploding but generally iPhones don’t overheat and they don’t explode. They are cool like that.

iOS 10 is awesome and it is home to the best apps
Apple has always been accused of being over controlling with its mobile operating system – iOS. This year things are opening up with iOS 10. iMessage is brilliant with the new update which adds support for stickers, apps, digital touch and integration with third parties. Siri is smarter as now third party apps can integrate with it and 3D touch works better across the system if you have a phone which has it enabled. Apple is also using machine learning across the system which makes everything smarter including all the core apps and the virtual keyboard. User interface wise, it borrows cues from Android, so now there is a widgets screen too and the shortcuts in the control center have been simplified. It is also home to best App Store which is home to apps from Apple, Google, Microsoft and some other big players. Later in the year it will be the first mobile platform to welcome Nintendo’s iconic game Mario.

Best multimedia
Yes, the iPhone 7 doesn’t have a headphone jack and you must make do with Apple’s dongle or lightning headphones, but despite this it remains the best phone for consumption of media. The iTunes store is home to the broadest set of audio and video content. Apple Music is one of the best streaming services in the world and in India it is very affordable. But more importantly, with the addition of stereo speakers and superb audio output, the iPhone is one the best phones to listen to music from.

Best compact smartphone in the world
The iPhone 7 is one of the few phones flagship phones in the world which have a screen that’s smaller than 5-inches. It is one of the only phones in the market which can be used with a single hand. While doing so, it also manages to be pretty much the best phone in the world. If you’re looking for a compact device that you can use with a single hand, then it has to be the iPhone 7 because everything on the Android side of the fence is humungous.

Jack of all trades
The iPhone 7 has it all. It has great cameras, a nice display, decent battery life, the best apps and the most consistent user experience. If you’re not looking for one thing but you want a phone which is good at everything, then you can’t look beyond an iPhone. There are Android phones in the market which do a couple of things better than an iPhone, but those improvements come with a trade off. The iPhone doesn’t have a glaring trade off besides the removal of the archaic headphone jack.