​8 Alarming Signs That Indicate Your Life Needs ‘Online’ Upgrade NOW
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Maybe you own a smartphone, a dongle that turns your TV in to a smart one or even a wristband that monitors your heart rate and physical activity; but does that make you updated enough? Simply surrounding yourself with latest gadgets is like keeping up with the modern world only halfway. To stay with the times, you also need to imbibe a few psychological changes; you have to wrap your head around new ideas, new thoughts and also new habits right from sending mails via phone to understanding the eccentricities of young adults or even changing the way you shop.

Wait a minute! Are you not shopping online yet? Even if you are, are you doing it properly? Well, here are some signs that will tell you if at least one aspect of your life is up-to-date or not.

You are still on talking terms with your local recharge wala.
It’s high time you broke up with your recharge-wala. He sometimes messes up your recharges, loses you money and is not there for you 24x7. Trust us, you deserve better than him.

You ought to start getting your recharge and start paying your postpaid and utility bills, online.

You still use only 2 modes of payment: cash or card.
A third mode of payment has been in town since quite a while now. The online wallet or e-wallet, not only lets you make payments faster but also saves you a lot of money.

“Cashback” sounds Spanish to you.
Agreed, the word has still not made it in to the English dictionary, but it has definitely made a place for itself in the online shopping world. The definition of this word is: get a part of your money back even when you like the product and don’t want to return it.

You know only about 3 types of sales: Diwali, Christmas, End Of Season.
Online, there is an amazing sale almost every month. Think of all those times you could have saved money on your shopping, but did not, just because you are still functioning on You Version 1.1.

You think haggling is the only way to bargain.
What with deals, discounts, coupons raining online and sites like DesiDime bringing you the best and latest on a single page, you don’t need this shopping skill anymore.

Waiting for your turn, is the story of your life.
Be it railway tickets, movie tickets, bus or plane tickets, you can book it all online. Time is money my friend, and you can’t just waste yours standing in long queues.

Your day does not end unless 10 auto-wallahs reject you.
Auto and taxi wallahs seldom say yes to you and most of them just ignore your out-stretched hand. If only you knew about online cab-booking services, which treat you to VIP commute, whenever needed.

When ordering food, you still search for take-away menus in your home.
You want an updated menu of your favorite restaurant quicker? Go online. Unless you are dreadfully finicky about just how many grams of spices or drops of oil go in to your food, we don’t see any good reason for you to stick to the old school method of ordering food.

(About the author: This article has been written by Vandana Baria, Content Marketing Specialist at DesiDime.com )