Adobe has taken Photoshop and infused it with AI
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Adobe's badassery in image processing is nothing new. With software like Photoshop, Lightroom, After Effects and the likes, Adobe is hands-down the master of post-production. Now, Adobe has pushed for further innovation by adopting the technology everybody is talking about suddenly- artificial intelligence.

The company has teamed up with researchers from University of Berkeley and come up with a new editing tool that makes use of machine learning to allow realistic manipulation of photos in real-time.

In a paper named Generative Visual Manipulation on the Natural Image Manifold, the researchers have outlined a new method to generate photo-realistic samples based only on a few brush strokes from the user.

The editing tool uses an AI-based algorithm to take your input into account and keep the photo as realistic as possible. If there is no source image, the tool generates results from scratch.

For example, simply draw a horizontal green line an a grey triangle representing the horizon and a mountain respectively, and the tool will automatically generate a photo-realistic depiction of a mountain landscape.

The tool comes handy especially when there is a need to modify and morph images into different colors and sizes. You will see the changes reflect instantly.

A 'Generative Image Transformation' feature in the tool uses deep learning to automatically match the color and shape of one image to look like another.

In a video, the tool has been supplied with a source image and a target image. Using deep learning, the tool manipulates and morphs the source image into the target image, changing the shape, size and color of the source image.