Airbus A380 A Confirmed Participant At The Hyderabad Airshow
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It is correct to say that the Airbus A 380 is a marvel of the aviation world. The double decked, wide-bodied, four-engine airliner is able to carry about 850 passengers in an all economy class configuration. With a wingspan of about 80 m the Airbus A 380 is without a doubt the largest passenger airliner in the world. The aircraft went into service two years ago and for any aviation enthusiast, remains the most beautiful thing to fly in.

For those in India and haven't had the opportunity to see the plane up close, the Hyderabad Air Show is where you would want to be to check it out. The airshow that is scheduled to be held from March 12th to 16th will feature an Airbus A 380 aircraft courtesy of Emirates who will be flying one of the giants for the show. The spokesman for Emirates confirmed the news saying, "We are working with the authorities to bring the A380 to Hyderabad for the Hyderabad airshow". It is expected that the aircraft will be flown in amidst high security given the political situation due to Telangana split.

The Airbus A 380 was also on show in October 2011 for the airshow previously, but the aircraft was a mere prototype without any fitting. It was later in October that one of the Emirates owned A 380 had to make an emergency landing at the Hyderabad airport, while flying Bangkok to Dubai. Hyderabad remains one of the four airports capable of handling the A 380, with Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore being the other airports. The DGCA has already cleared the Airbus A 380 on request of aviation ministry to allow the plane to fly lower for a fly past and aerobics. Of the ten fleets that own the Airbus A 380 aircraft, nine of them have plans to fly the aircraft into India and with the Aviation Ministry of India, finally lifting the ban on allowing the plane in India, this is a major victory for aviation enthusiasts. Frank Puettmann, the spokesman of Lufthansa remarked, "We look forward to launching the Airbus A380 services in India soon as it is one of the most important intercontinental markets for Lufthansa".

The aircraft will be joined by at least 25 other planes with the Boeing 787 being another major attraction. The 13th aircraft of the fleet of B 787 owned by Air India will fly directly from Boeing's factory in Seattle to Hyderabad where the Aviation Minister will receive it. [Via: WSJ/ Livemint]

This article has been contributed by Arpit Verma.