AmpMe Brings Together Phones To Form One Big, Giant Speaker
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The external speakers of our phones suck. No matter how advanced flagships have become, nobody have really paid much attention to our needs of filling a room with sound using just our phones. Yes, we have tried throwing the phone inside the bowl in the hopes of amplifying the sound. But that doesn't really help when you have a party going on at your house and there are lots of people demanding music to groove to.

A Canadian company called AmpMe seeks to fill this soundless vaccuum with an app of the same name. The app creates a giant, multi-speaker set-up by syncing music across any number of devices.

The path from download to actual use is simple enough. Start a listening session using 'start a new party' and the app will generate a four-digit code. To add other phones and tablets to the session, simply type the code into their own app and the first phone will emit a high-pitched sound that syncs the phones to the music being played. There's no need of bluetooth or wi-fi. There just needs to be some kind of an internet connection to stream the music.

The app lets you stream from your music library or SoundCloud and most recently, from YouTube. It also allows Android and Apple devices to come together to form a daisy-chain of speakers, which otherwise was unheard of, so far.

Now, even though the app solves the problem of getting more sound in the room, it is not necessarily better sound. A lot of speakers sadly doesn't equate to magical, good quality sound. It can be easily made out the loud sound is not coming from a good set of speakers, but a bunch of phones. But the app also gives the option of connecting bluetooth speakers to the system, provided it has a built-in microphone to listen to the high-frequency fingerprint.

Since the streaming depends on the device's individual internet connection, the music may go out of sync and when it does, even for the tiniest bit, it's noticeable. While there is an option to resync the music, doing it for every device can get a bit tedious, especially in the middle of a party.

But then, these are just minor technical snags. What's best about this app is that its completely free and ad-free. Being able to use a bunch of phones to amplify sound is in itself one of the best innovations we ever needed.

Download the app from here .