An App That Lets You Grow Vegetables Via Smartphone. No, It’s Not Farmville
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If you think we are joking around, then you are mistaken. This product exists for real and was unveiled at the recently-concluded CES event.

Imagine if you could own a farm in which you can grow pesticide-free vegetables inside your home, and adjust the environment for nurturing seeds using an app. Yes, we are neither dreaming nor taking about a prototype. In fact, we are talking about a real automated indoor farming system that was unveiled by a US-based company OPCOM at the CES 2016 in Las Vegas.

The company exhibited OPCOM Farm Cubes, a fully-enclosed ecosystem, which lets you grow hydroponic vegetables indoors using LED lights, Fan, and UV purified water. You get stacked racks in the cube in which you load seedlings and then rely on the professional farming software of the cube for nurturing of the your seedlings. Once you have set the program from the available catalogue, then you just need to sit back and watch your seedlings grow while the OPCOM cube automatically monitors the plants and adjusts the environment as needed. Sensing the needs of the seedlings, it will automatically add the perfect amount of air (via embedded fan), light (by changing the LED temperature), and water needed for development.

You also have an app to watch the status of your crops when you are away for your long work trip or vacations for that matter. You can the demonstration video by Reuters below:

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Interested in buying it? Wait till the company announces its next pre-orders on its website with special promotion. The cost of the regular 4pcs plant farm box is $299 but we are not sure if they would deliver the product to India.
(Image: YouTube)