Apple iPhone 6S: Why it is so important?
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Every fall, Apple takes centrestage to present the brand new iPhone to the world. This year, the event is slated to take place on September 9 and we shall be bringing you all the action as it unfolds from the event. But a few days away from the launch, we also take a few seconds to think and ponder as to why this iPhone needs to be special.


In all likelihood, the new iPhone will be called the iPhone 6. Apple has always stuck to the naming strategy and we don't see any real reasons why it might sway from the same this year. While the company might not be using an innovative name, but people always expect an Apple to launch something innovative year-on-year and this year is no different.

Wider reach

For the last couple of years, Apple has been trying to reach new audiences and markets through its devices. Keeping this in mind, the Cupertino-based company launched the iPhone 5C that was supposed to click with the people looking for colorful and affordable option. However, the company failed to create any magic with the same. But this year, it is expected that Apple may be paying another visit to this strategy and we might get to see an iPhone 6C but there are also reports that claim, there might be no devices in the 'C' series ever! We would like to remind you that there are some reports suggesting that Apple might scrap the C range all together. So if it does come with an affordable iPhone, we hope Apple has learnt from its past mistakes; and gives out a compelling product.


When the world saw the first iPhone, it made everyone turn their heads. Years later too, Apple manages to turn heads with its iPhone. And we would like the new iPhone to attract great deal of attention as well.

And by the end of the years, we expect many other companies will be trying to copy the design of this upcoming handset by Apple.

Great camera

Ask an iPhone user, what he loves the most about his device? About 80 per cent will vouch for its camera performance. We are expecting Apple to come back with a great camera in the iPhone 6 as well. This will ensure that the Apple loyalists have lesser thoughts about switching to other handsets.

Better Battery and performance

We are also hoping that Apple will offer better performance and improved battery backup for this iPhone; though some of the recent leaks have already hinted that we may not get better battery performance in this new handset. Frankly, for now we are hoping that these are inaccurate reports and Apple manages too woo it's users with an attractive battery life in this new iPhone.