BBM For Windows To Shed Its Beta Status Soon
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The BlackBerry Messenger App has been available on Android and iOs devices for quite some time now. A couple of months ago, this Messenger app had made it to the Windows device albeit through a Beta version.

Now the Windows app for the BlackBerry Messenger has got a new update and along with this comes the news that the app might be ready for public launch pretty soon. This news is perhaps good for all the people using the app on the Windows device.

Even now, the majority of the BBM owners are the ones that own a BlackBerry device. Overall there are over 91 million people who have this app installed on their devices. BBM app faces stiff competition from other messenger apps such as Viber, WhatsApp, Nimbuz, Line, and even Skype.

BlackBerry has recently launched its square-shaped flagship smartphone –BlackBerry Passport.

One of the most notable features for BBM is that people need to share their unique BlackBerry Pin to connect with other people.