Can Water Help You Cure Diseases?
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When you look at a glass of water, whether you find it half full or half empty does not really matter. What matters is whether you realize that it is valuable fluid for our body and drink it.

Water is really one of the miracle ingredients that nature has gifted to us but unfortunately most often we are not able to utilize its full potential. Most of the people are aware about the fact that water is very beneficial to keep our body and mind healthy. But very few of us are aware of its miraculous healing properties, especially as cure of certain diseases. Yes, you heard it right, water can help you cure many diseases out of your body. But let us first look at the role of water in pure body.

Water in human body

Water is said to be the major basis of our body. Just sample some facts of water and its share in our body: It is established that approximately 60% of human body is water. The muscles that move our body comprise of 75% of water. Blood is about 92% of water, the human brain comprises of 75% of water, lungs constitute 90% of water and even our bones have about 22-25% of water. Human body can survive without food for about a month but it can survive only for a week without water. These facts are important enough to hint at the valuable role water plays in our body.

Now, if water is the key part of our body and various organs in it, certainly lack of water can cause many diseases. Naturally, reversing this by having extra water can also help us cure these diseases. Here is a list of diseases that water is capable of curing.

Headaches and migraines

Water is known to be one of the easy and harmless ways to cure your headaches and migraines. Researchers believe that lack of water and dehydration is one of the key results of causing migraines and stress headaches. Furthermore, drinking water can help cure them. In a study conducted by the European Journal Of Neurology titled “Triggers of migraine and tension-type headaches”, there were two control groups: One which was asked to increase its water intake and the other was given a placebo for reducing the migraine pain.

The results of the study indicated that after just two weeks of increased water intake, the control group with water experienced 21 hours less pain compared to those who took the placebo. Dr Mark Spigt from the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands was quoted in dailymail (UK) as, “Water seemed to have a considerable effect on the total number of hours of headache and headache intensity”.

So, if you often suffer from headaches and/or migraines, it is time to up your water intake and stay well hydrated to avoid the pain.


Arthritis is pain in the joints due to inflamed joints and or improperly cushioned joints, which is caused due to less amount of water in the area. Water works as natural lubricant and helps the cartilage cells in the affected joints to move easily with less shock of movement. This in turns reduces the pain. In short, the water helps in the back and forth movement of the joints healing the problem of arthritis easily.

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High Blood pressure

High blood pressure is another disease caused by dehydration. When you drink less amount of water, the body will retain sodium to compensate for it. This increased sodium and consistent dehydration results in closing of some capillary beds which in turn causes more pressure on the arteries leading to increase in blood pressure. So, it is advised to increase the water intake so the amount of sodium decreases controlling the blood pressure at the normal level.


As shocked as you may get reading this, but it is true: Asthma is not a disease but a symptom of dehydration. Remember, we discussed in the beginning that lungs are comprised of 90% water. When the water level goes down in lungs, it starts tightening and feeling sensitive. This is because the free passage of air in the lungs is obstructed to stop the water leaving the body in vapor form. This causes asthma attacks. Drinking increased amount of water removes dehydration bringing the functioning of lungs at normal and this causes Asthma to disappear.


Heartburn is another physical problem which is caused by less amount of water in the body, particularly in the gastrointestinal tract. Basically, heartburns are a cry for water from your body. The antacids to manage the pain do not do much for this dehydration and hence the problem continues. Thus the best solution is to increase your water intake.

However, while one needs to remember that increased amount water intake helps in curing the diseases, it is advisable to take medical opinion from your doctor in terms of what amount of water you should increase. This will be based on your weight, your medical condition etc.

Going through these miraculous cure of the common diseases through water, certainly stresses on the importance of water in our life, especially in our physical body. So if you are not suffering from any of these diseases, it is still good to have a high water intake to ensure your body maintains the right amount of water balance and functions smoothly.