Don’t Worry Yourself Mad, Get This App
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Whether you are working or not, worrying about everything in life and taking stress is something that we Indians think to be our birthright. However, not all of us have sleepless nights thinking if Ishita would leave Raman in the Star sitcom Yeh Hai Mohabbatien.

Similarly, not all of us worry about such trivial issues that have little or no impact on their lives. Also, most of the times, we realise that things turn out just fine in their own course of time. However, in the times of stress, if you are looking for something that can help you keep your calm, you should try the app Worry Watch.

This app helps you track what's bothering you and even reminds you to log the outcomes.

It is a password-protected app with the help of which you can journal your worries. As it is password protected, you can be sure that no one can peep in your smartphone and get to know what is occupying your mind space. After you have shared your heart with the app and shared what has been giving you mail bitting moments, the app would later check with you how the situation has shaped up. Next time when you are panic stricken, the app can run a report so that you can have a testimonial, stating that things may not turn out to be as bad as they seem at the time.

PS: This app is just meant to help people deal with their worries a little better but is in no way an alternative to traditional therapies. For severe anxiety and depression, it is always recommended to visit a specialist in this regards.