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Dubsmash Counts India Among Its Top Ten Markets, And It Is Right

Counts India Among Its Top Ten Markets, And It Is Right
Tapping into Indians' inherent love for cinema and theatrics, Dubsmash has turned out to be a widespread hit. The makers of the app have now mentioned that India is one of its top ten markets. This is quite an achievement given that the app was only released in November 2014.

The Berlin-based company was founded by Roland Grenke, Jonas Druppel and Daniel Taschik. The app's exponential growth is evident in large parts of the world now, including countries like Brazil, France, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia and the United Kingdom.

The app has seen 75 million+ downloads so far on the Google Play Store alone, so one can imagine how popular it is out there. It's currently available in 192 countries of the world, with users working in double time to get new content on board.

Dubsmash essentially lets users take popular audio clippings and lip-sync them in their own way. It makes for quite an amusing pass time and has clearly struck a chord with the Indian populace.

What makes Dubsmash such a hit in India is the nation's cultural diversity, where there are several languages spoken which naturally means there will be more regional content on offer.

Dubsmash has been popular in covering some of the most iconic voice clippings from Bollywood and elsewhere. Since users can also able to add their own audio clips, there's never really going to be a dearth of original content on Dubsmash.


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