Finally! A Knife That Fits In Your Hands
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It’s been ages that knives were discovered, but have you ever wondered why their designs have not changed much in all these years? Why do we have to still hold the same handle in the same way, while knowing that there obviously is a chance of improvement?

A look at the hands of professional chefs is enough to show that they hold the knives differently, but thanks to this project on KickStarter, you don’t need to learn the technique. Just buy these NextGen knives, which have been designed to fit in your hands.

There are 3 key advantages that these knives offer: A better grip, better steel, and better customization. These organically shaped knives are designed to reduce the stress that your hand endures when you hold them for longer periods of time. The grips extend into the blade area so that your hands find the comfortable resting places for your thumb and index fingers. The broader areas offer support to your index finger and hand, which ultimately reduces stress and pain.

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Picture by Kickstarter