​Freedom 251: Controversies Around This Cheapest Smartphone Refuse To Die
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Freedom 251 smartphone makers, Ringing Bells, may now landed in legal soup. It has been now accused of fraud and non-payment of dues by Cyfuture, their customer service provider.

While talking to PTI, founder and CEO of Cyfuture, Anuj Bairathi pointing fingers at the Ringing Bells’ business model and said, “We were always skeptical of Ringing Bells and their business model. After several rounds of discussions with their management team and when they showed us names of senior politicians visiting their launch event, we decided to take up their project.”

The twist came in when Ringing Bells refused to make payments for numerous calls that were responded by Cyfuture customer care executives soon the launch of Freedom 251 in India. Anuj said that despite being happy with their company’s services, Ringing Bells suddenly decided to terminate Cyfuture services on the basis of false allegations.

“This is a clear case of cheating, fraud and breach of contract. As per the contract, Ringing Bells had specifically assured us of a minimum lock-in period of one year and no termination before a year,” says Bairathi.

We don’t know if these allegations are true because Ringing Bells Bells’ president Ashok Chaddha has denied these allegations. He says, “We had outsourced this job to Cyfuture BPO. Telecom companies confirmed that the helpline was receiving a volume of approximately 12 lakh calls per hour. It came to our knowledge that the BPO company was not able to handle the traffic. We are looking into the situation to serve our customers better.”

Bairathi further asserted that Ringing Bells is not taking their calls owing to which they now “plan to take all necessary legal recourse including filing a police complaint to fight our case.”

One must note that as per Ringing Bells and Cyfuture agreement, the Freedom 251 maker was to provide a prior notice of 30 days and make all pending payments in case of termination owing to unsatisfactory services.