​Future Skype Video Calls To Come With Aadhar-based Authentication System?
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In order to authenticate its video-calling service Skype, Microsoft Corporation has announced that it is already working towards embracing this very unique ID system Aadhaar as a medium of authentication on pilot basis.

Brad Smith, president of Microsoft Corporation, said, “We have been pursuing work to integrate it into Skype. Initially, it is being done on pilot basis but it will continue to grow.”

According to an Indian Express report, Smith asserted that this may even help government agency in identifying whether or not that person is the same as they claim to be during an official proceeding or while seeking a licence. Thus, it will introduce a new era wherein business can be done even without being present physically and waiting in a long que for meeting government office.

Aadhar, which is a voluntary program, had enrolled over 970 million people as of 31 January 2016. Will bring in more updates about how this pilot project would shape up in days to come. Till then, stay tuned.
(Image: skypelogin.net)