Get Medical Guidance At Your Fingertips. TopDoctorsOnline Gets An App!
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What’s the use of technology when it can’t be used for the greater good? (TDO) has been India’s one-stop online health destination since its inception, and now TDO has launched its app to offer health and wellness-based content, live chat​, and ​in-app booking of healthcare-related ​service​s. The app thereby caters to all of consumer's healthcare needs on a single platform.

With this 360-degree approach to all health-specific needs, the app also provides live consultation service, where users can chat or talk to doctors in real-time. This service can help solve queries and gain better insight towards health problems. Users can receive guidance with regards to precautions, booking appointments, first-aid and more.

There are ‘live-chat’ and ‘doctor-on-call’ features, which reduce the time one spends between the doctor-patient interactions. It also allows the doctors to assess and guide more patients without geographical boundaries.

TDO offers its users with quicker access to the top 50 leading doctors including Dr. Mahinder Watsa, Dr. Kiran Coelho, and Dr. Suresh Advani for online consultation, as well as for booking appointments.

They have also tied-up with over 120 hospitals, 10 multi-specialty hospitals, diagnostic and pathology chains, as well as emergency services, which can be directly accessed through the app.

The health content on the app is easy to understand, and doesn’t carry medical terminology.

“With over 90% of the Indian population using Android, we wanted to first launch the app on this platform. We will take every necessary action to get this service to a maximum number of people, in order to contribute towards resolving the issue of a skewed doctor-patient ratio. With the increasing internet penetration and cheaper smartphones, many can receive the required health guidance through the app, even in the remote areas of the country,” said Bharat Bhardwaj, Co-founder and Chairman of TDO.

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store .