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'Go, No-Go' Pills Are IAF’s New Weapon

'Go, No-Go' Pills Are IAF’s New Weapon
At a time when new weapons armory must be inducted, Indian Air Force (IAF) has invested in two interesting warfare items—Go and No-Go pills. Go Pills keeps pilots awake, enhance their alertness as well as give a boost to their cognitive power during long flights during a combat exercise. On the other hand, the 'No-Go' pill, which is a sedative known as Zolpidem, cure insomnia, help fighter pilots fight fatigue and sleep deprivation so that they can improvise on their war-fighting skills.

During high-voltage 'Livewire' exercise conducted by IAF, the Go and No-Go pills were used by fighter and helicopter pilots to air traffic controllers in simulators and actual flying.

A senior IAF officer told TOI that after carrying out field trails as well as research, IAF doctors are of the view that Modafinil and Zolpidem would help optimize IAF personnel's performance in a sustained operational scenario.

It must be noted that power mixed with chemically induced false boastfulness is something deadly and fearsome cocktail.
(Image: Official website of Indian Air Force)

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