Google Launches Spaces, A New Group Sharing App for iOS, Android and Web
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Google has rolled out a new app for group sharing, putting an end to all your file sharing woes.

The app, named "Spaces" aims to remove the hassles of jumping across different apps, copy-pasting from one app to another and integrates the process seamlessly into one app.

It is integrated with the Google ecosystem, with Chrome, Search and YouTube built in. Now you can directly share your images, articles and videos without hopping from one app to another.

Your group conversations often tend to deviate off-topic and Spaces is a good way to keep a track of all the content shared among the group members. The interface is very conversational, so you can know what the group is talking without missing a beat.

The search option inside the app will let you dig up old articles, videos, comments or images, shared before.

Spaces can be created with just a tap for just about any topic, with members invited via messaging, email or a social network.

The app is available across all platforms, from mobile to desktop to a web app, so you can access all the content shared from anywhere.