Google Street View Now Lets You Discover Unique Wonders of Bhutan
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With the continued support of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (IT), search ginat Google has announced that the first Street View imagery of Bhutan, which is now live on Google Maps.

Anyone with an Internet connection can access this new Street View imagery in order to view 360-degree panoramas of over 3,000 kilometers of roads in Bhutan, including streets within Thimphu, Paro and Trongsa.

In areas where Street View is available, the imagery can be accessed by dragging the orange "Pegman" icon on the bottom right-hand side of the map over and into a blue highlighted road.

From today onwards, locals can use the street-level panoramas to check out new views of familiar and unfamiliar landscapes, research driving routes, arrange meeting points, and explore their own town more closely.

By embedding Google Maps directly on the websites, Bhutanese businesses can also reap benefit from Street View technology. For instance: hotels can easily show their prospective guests what the building looks like on the street and also provide them with a sense of the surrounding neighborhood.

This new rich 360-degree digital imagery of Bhutan will let people around the world see sites they may never have a chance to visit in person, which includes beautiful locations and highway vistas across the country.

According to Dasho Kinley Dorji, secretary from Bhutan’s Ministry of Information and Communication, “Street View will create a real opportunity for Bhutan to showcase our unique country to the world while also creating a new way of preserving our country as it stands today.”

“This new Street View imagery of Bhutan showcases how countries are embracing online tools such as Google Maps as mediums for preserving their culture and landscapes, and sharing them with the world. We hope this new online imagery of Bhutan will create new ways for people around the world to discover and learn about this wonderfully unique country,” said Divon Lan, product manager, Google.

The search engine goes to great lengths to safeguard privacy in Google Maps with Street View while enabling all users to benefit from this feature. It has also developed highly sophisticated technology that effectively blurs human faces and license plates of vehicles to render them unidentifiable. Additionally, Google is extremely responsive to any requests received from users to further blur any images that feature them.