HTC One’s Successor To Sport Twin Camera Sensors?
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Rumour mills never stop spinning! Right from the name (dubbed the HTC One 2, the HTC Two, HTC One+ and HTC M8 so far), to a fingerprint sensor, larger screen and a Snapdragon 800 processor, the tech writers are heaping all the attention (and imagination) on HTC’s successor for HTC One. The handset, featuring a zero-gap, unibody metallic curvaceous body and a unique 4MP camera with 1/3'' sized sensor became quite a hit.

The latest grapevine to hit the the technosphere regarding the apparent successor of HTC One is the inclusion of an additional sensor to improve the performance of the camera whose performance in low light conditions was heavily criticized by the reviewers.

As reported earlier, the case which is available on various websites for the upcoming phone features an extra cutout to house the fingerprint sensor like one in HTC One Max. But the sources not indicate that the extra cutout will house an extra sensor, aimed to improve the performance of the camera.

Though there is no way to confirm this piece of information just yet, one thing is certain. If the second cutout in the cover is for an extra sensor, HTC has surely found a way to utilise the screen for its fingerprint sensor, just like Apple did with iPhone 5S. We hope everything would be clear by the end of March (if that's really the time HTC has chosen to launch the device). Till then, happy spinning! [ Phones Review ]