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Here’s A Travel Video That Just Broke The Internet

Here’s A Travel Video That Just Broke The Internet

A travel brand created a video and pushed it on its social media and was amazed when it got one million views in 10 hours. The numbers kept on increasing and reached 46 million views in 2 weeks. The sheer madness of numbers can be seen from the engagement it drew: 3 million likes and 300k comments. In fact, it also helped the brand add 200,000 new fans on its Facebook page.

The video was nothing extraordinary, but the beaches it captures were. Created by ixigo, a travel brand, this video shows a combination of 11 bizarre beaches with eerie, surreal, or mysterious settings. From the rocky coves to islands covered in turquoise blue water, the beauty that water adds to this world is ceaseless. Watch the video below and do share how many of these unusually beautiful beaches have you ticked off your list?

Source: Ixigo

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