Here’s Why A Swarm of Mosquitoes Circles Over Your Head
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Have you ever observed the near-orchestra buzzing of mosquitoes swarm above your head? Did you try to find out why these blood-sucker stalkers are so keen on performing an aerial dance over your head? Well, mosquitoes and other kinds of flies may circle around one's head for many reasons.

Rich Pollack, a public health entomologist, has revealed , "If it is a female mosquito, she may be homing in upon you because you exhale and exude carbon dioxide and other substances that she finds attractive." It is better that she circles than lands and bites you, which is similar to the old adage that 'barking dogs never bite, except when they stop barking.'

However, Pollack didn't overlook other possibilities. He said that it may be that the mosquito is a male and it is a known fact that male mosquitoes cannot bite. According to him, "They can, for reasons that are not obvious, detect and respond to changing carbon dioxide concentrations."

If we tell you that male mosquitoes often form 'mating swarms' above your head, will you believe us? Well, Pollack also revealed that male mosquitoes "select a prominent feature of the landscape, be it a tall tree, a boulder or a person, and then flit above it. Usually, that object is inanimate and the swarm fixed in location." And whenever a female mosquito encounters such a swarm, it's likely seized and impregnated by the most robust, clever, or lucky male present in the swarm.

So the next time you notice a swarm of mosquitoes dancing above your head, you know the science behind it. Stay tuned for more such interesting updates on Gizmodo India.

(Image: Thinkstock)