India To Have More Than 50 Crore Internet Users In Coming Months
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If Idea cellular advertisements are to be believed, Internet highways have been setup in India. However, we all know the construction is still underway. Yes, Internet sure has picked up in India and we have today many more Interet users we have had last year. And now, this number is likely to surge to 50 crore in the coming 5-8 months.

Telecom and Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad revealed this information while addressing a function organized by Indore Management Association. He said, "The number of people using Internet has crossed 40 crore in the country at present. I am expecting this number to go up to 50 crore in next 5-8 months. According to our estimate, out of these, 70% people are going to access Internet through mobile phones."

Not just this, Prasad also mentioned India’s increasing mobile user base. He said that owing to increasing penetration of cheap smartphones, almost 100 crore people out of India’s 125 crore population have been using mobile phones, and 20-35 lakh mobile users are getting added to this existing number every month.

What this increasing number of user base really means for Indians? It means people in India are opening up to the digital platform, which in a way is a good news for the government that is working hard to achieve its Digital India dream.