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Is This The New Android Logo?

Is This The New Android Logo?
It is a well known fact that LG will be unveiling its Android powered G watch soon. Twitter user @upleaks posted an alleged system dump of this watch. There are some very interesting things that have come out of this dump but the most interesting thing that has emerged out of this leak is what seems like the new Android logo.

The video in questions is just 17 seconds long video and starts off with dots in yellow, blue, red and green, which are used in Google logo. Even this video looks very similar to the Nexus boot video. As LG G Watch is a smartwatch, it is possibility that this might be a boot video for all smartwatches being produced under the Android wear range.

The other interesting details that have emerged from this dump are a set of watch-faces, status cards and background.

Google has already given a preview of LG smartwatch and the same is expected to be revealed at the Google I/O that is happening a little later in the month.

[Phandroid via @upleaks]

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