It’s Time For India To Take
Air Pollution Lessons From Beijing
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Every country has its own serious air pollution issues, and India is no different. The air pollution levels in the country have been on the rise for quite some time and sadly, in the last 30 days, the situation has only worsened—especially in North India.

“As per data obtained from India's National Air Quality Index (NAQI) website, in the 91 days between September and November, Delhi met the Chinese criteria for a red alert on 33 days, and Lucknow for no less than 40 days," according to a Reuters report.

The report further added that the problem is not limited to Delhi and Lucknow alone; several other North Indian cities are facing similar high levels of pollution. Though one can attribute a portion of this rising pollution levels to Diwali festivities—as it was the time when Indians polluted the air by bursting crackers—but it alone can’t be held responsible for this current pollution mess.

The non-governmental environmental organization Greenpeace suggests that India should take advantage of the experience in China and leapfrog several steps towards achieving national air quality standards by adopting firm, time-bound targets for national and regional action plans.

"The government's own data suggests that the air quality in several north Indian cities is worse than the air in Beijing, and yet we remain tentative in recognising this 'Airpocalypse' as a pollution disaster," said Greenpeace India campaigner Sunil Dahiya.

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