KitKat Becomes Second Biggest Android Version, Running On 17.9% Of Android Devices
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At Google I/O annual developers conference this year, many I/O attendees were spotted wearing a T-shirt stating Android is a 'toxic hell stew'. The latest Android platform distribution numbers have revealed that in this month (July, 2014) KitKat can officially be found running on 17.9% of active Android devices (up from 13.6% in June, 2014). Notably, Jelly Bean still makes up about 56.5% of all Android users.

It is worth nothing that the numbers still have not been updated with the specific versions of KitKat rolling out around the world (4.4.2, 4.4.3, 4.4.4). The major satisfaction for die-hard Android fans is to have the absolutely latest version of Android (currently Android 4.4.4) in their phones.

Among other Android versions, Gingerbread is loaded on 13.5% of devices and Ice Cream Sandwich is loaded on 11.4% of devices, with Froyo drifting off into obscurity.