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LG G Flex Showcased In India, To Debut In Feb

After making a big splash with the LG G2, the company today showed off its G Flex smartphone in India. The smartphones comes with a Curved display.

LG G Flex smartphone is already for sale in Korea. It is also available on pre-order in Singapore and will be available beginning December 21. It will also go on sale in Hong Kong starting December 13. So we were expecting it to be available in India also around the same time. However, the company did disappoint us by announcing that it will make this smartphone available only by February 2014.

Coming over to the specifications of LG G Flex, it sports a 6-inch HD P-OLED display and has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor that clocks 2.26GHz.

For more details and pricing details please click the link below.

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