Nokia Lumia 625: Mid Range Warrior
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If you skip the discussions over market-share or the acquisition by Microsoft, Nokia deserves honours for consistently introducing impressive devices at diverse price points. Across the spectrum, the devices offer great hardware, seamless Windows Phone experience, and Nokia's broad suite of services.

Nokia Lumia 625 follows the recent trend of large displays and with decent specifications, offers a great package at a fair price point. It is though a crowded price range with several Android phones both from global OEMs as well as Indian brands, so let's see if the 625 stacks up as a worthy, value-for-money buy.

Who Is It For?

Nokia 625 is a Window smartphone for the people looking for a decent mid-ranger.


The Lumia 625 features a 4.7 inch display, the largest ever in a Nokia device. The device is obviously big, but the rounded corners and edges make it very ergonomic, and it's not difficult to use it with only one hand. While the device is not gorgeous and a little heavy at 159 grams, it still stands out amongst a plethora of similar looking, mid-range Android phones in the market.

The screen has a Gorilla Glass 2 layer above it but it hurts that Nokia has opted for a low resolution WVGA panel for the large display. Also, the display offers low contrast and just isn't vibrant enough.


Under the hood, the 625 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 MSM8930 chipset with a 1.2 GHz dual core processor. The performance and user experience is smooth, and marginally better than other budget Lumia phones like the 520 and 620. The 512 MB RAM though prevents one from playing high-end games and sometimes mar the multi-tasking experience for power users. Also, you cannot use any augmented reality apps since the compass and gyroscope sensors are missing.

Essentially, in terms of performance, the phone sits on the fence between the budget Lumia phones with 512 MB RAM and the flagship ones with 1 GB RAM.

The phone has a sealed battery pack, although the rear panel is removable to access the microSD and microSIM slot. The 2000 mAh battery gives you a full day of average usage, which is good enough. The build quality is solid and it looks durable unlike most phones in this category.


The camera on Lumia 625 is mediocre, which hurts its prospects since the similar-priced Lumia 720 has great camera specifications and performance. The Lumia 625 is equipped with a 5MP rear camera with an LED flash with a sensor size of ¼" and a f/2.4 lens. The 1.2 MP front camera rounds up the basic package.

Most photos that I shot on the phone came out to be very average, and more often than not, very noisy too. The camera does a good job in focus in close-up shots, but is ordinary in even normal ambient light conditions. While the camera offers video recording at 1080p resolution, the quality is pretty average and doesn't capture significantly more details than in 720p mode.


The user interface on Nokia Lumia 625 is smooth, highlighting Windows Phone's average hardware requirements that stands out from the specifications war happening in the Android world. The 625 ships with the latest Windows Phone GDR2 update, which brings FM Radio, a very useful Data Sense app, and the brilliant Nokia Smart Cam app.

However, the update does not bring the Glance Screen or Double Tap to Unlock features to the 625 - two cool features introduced with the update.

The phone bundles most of Nokia's signature applications, including the very useful HERE suite. The HERE Drive app though supports only a single region, and an in-app purchase allows global navigation. The ones missing are the Nokia Pro Camera and Nokia City Lens apps.
The phone also bundles YourMovies - a Nokia Lumia 625 exclusive. The app provides three months free access to the app's database of about 3000 movies. The app allows not just streaming, but low and high quality downloads for offline viewing. Additionally, Nokia has tied up with Flipkart to offer their Flipkart eBooks application with bundled free content.

The Best Part

- Great design, build quality, and ergonomics
- Large, sunlight readable display
- Better performance than other budget Lumia phones
- Nokia's signature apps

The Tragic Flaw
- Average camera
- WVGA resolution and average display
- 512 MB RAM

Should I buy it?

The Nokia Lumia 625 brings the largest display ever for Nokia devices to Indian market flooded with a plethora of 'phablets'. The 625 though has a great, functional size, and with a fine build quality, fits nicely in the hands. There are some sacrifices, and the display and camera are the major disappointments, but the Windows Phone experience makes up for the average specifications to make it a worthy competitor in the category.

The phone launched at ₹19,999 which was steep for a mid-range device, but is now selling at around ₹15,000, which makes it a good buy. Pick it up if you're looking for a well-built phone with a fine user experience. Look for other options, if you want a great camera though.