Now Share Documents Using WhatsApp, Feature Available To Both Android And iOS Users
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WhatsApp users were waiting for document sharing update for quiet some time. Their wait has finally come to a close as the Facebook-owned mobile messaging service has introduced it for both Android and iOS users.

However, no official announcement regarding the update has been made yet. But many WhatsApp users have seen the document sharing feature along with other sharing options like contact, location, and photo & video.

In order to fit in the ‘Document’ icon in the Android version, WhatsApp has brought in ‘Photo’ and ‘Video’ sharing options under ‘Camera’ option. And in iOS version, the ‘Share Document’ option pops up along with other options under ‘Upload’ icon.
Mind you, this sharing option will only be visible to those WhatsApp users who have updated to version 2.12.453 on Android and version 2.12.14 on iOS.

Currently, both Android and iOS users are able to share only pdf documents.