​Now, Watch The Same YouTube Video in Sync With Friends Sitting Miles Away
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Many a times, we wish to watch a video along with our friends or family. Often our studies or job take us miles away from our loved ones. And owing to this, it becomes impossible for us to fulfill our desire. But now, we have discovered a way to watch YouTube videos in perfect sync with a friend or a family member even being miles away.

Known as ShareTube, this website allows you to create playlists and sync playbacks with far-flung friends by sharing your room's name. If you are wondering that how you'll be able to set up a room on ShareTube, then that's quite simple. Firstly, give your room a name, which should comprise of only letters and numbers. Then, click on 'Make a room' button. After this, you need to pick a user name for only text-based chatting purposes as it doesn't support video or audio chatting.

Once the room has been created, you can then enter a YouTube URL in order to start watching a video or search YouTube to find a video. However, there is no a button to invite others. The two ways in which you can sync YouTube videos with your friend are:
· Firstly, you can copy the URL from your browser and share it with your friends.
· Secondly, just tell them the name of your ShareTube room so that they can join the video in sync with you.

While watching videos with your friend, you can share you views via the text-based chat box that will be visible on the right side the screen. It provides a feeling that we are sitting aong with them while watching the video.

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