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​Now dissipate all your business apprehensions with MyOperator’s Mobile App

​Now dissipate all your business apprehensions with MyOperator’s Mobile App

MyOperator Mobile App, which is a simple app for all business owners who wish to manage their caller database and put it to good use, allows businesses to organize their communication by tracking and managing every call ever made, received or missed by the executives, team members and partners at one place just through a smartphone.

This app eliminates the obligation of being physically present in a business place to attend incoming calls. Besides this, it also introduces a concept of re-marketing to callers in a virtual call management system.

This app is a supplement to the primary product MyOperator, which is a virtual call management system built on the cloud that aids SMBs and bigger enterprises to manage their calls without the need of incorporating any hardware or software setup.

Ankit Jain, founder and CEO, MyOperator commented, "We understand the importance of missed calls and the intensity of how adversely a call missed could impact small and medium businesses as well as big enterprises."

He added that "This mobile application brings the process of call management to the hand sets of business owners."
If you too want to maintain your caller database, simply follow these 4 steps:
  1. Register mobile with the app
  2. Create business account
  3. Invite team members who handle business calls
  4. Manage calls of teams, anywhere, anytime
Currently, this app is available only for Android users who can access the customer database in a downloadable format on the dashboard of the app. The caller's database can also be synced with various CRM solutions like Pipedrives, Zoho, Salesforce, etc. In order to avoid unwanted callers and the ability to sync logs on the cloud in a secure way, this app also comes with some salient features like block call feature.

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