OPPO Launches N3, The Device Will Come To India Soon
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OPPO has been trying to increase its market share worldwide, and is thus launching new phones every now and then. The company tried to build a good base in India by roping in Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor as their brand ambassadors; not quite sure if that helped them gain traction but the company is going aggressive with their launching plans.

Today, OPPO proudly showcased their latest smartphone to the media during a press conference, in Singapore. It is called OPPO N3, the new flagship model by the company that has some new features to boast of.

For example, the camera on top can now rotate by itself. You just have to slide your finger on the screen to rotate it; yes, no manual input required. The N3 can easily take vertical as well as horizontal panoramic images.

This new baby also has got power: it’s the 5.5-inch touch screen, Snapdragon 2.3 GHz Quad Core CPU along with 32 GB internal memory. The rear camera is powered by a 16 MP CMOS sensor, which is 30% larger than any other smartphone (at 1.32 micrometers) powered by Schneider optics. OPPO claims this will fetch users crisper and more vivid images unlike any other smartphone available in the market. What’s really worth looking at is: the fast charging feature of this phone. What the company says is that just 5 minutes of charging is sufficient enough to give you over 2 hours of talk time on N3. Well, we would like to test this out before we exclaim with joy.

In terms of build quality, OPPO N3 doesn’t disappoint either. It feels tougher as it is built using better materials. The new notification light has also been introduced to the phone, and is located at the bottom. The O-click gets an upgrade too, now you can take calls, play music and as always, click a picture.

Price: 649 dollars